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LAPD officers need to call in backup to disperse agitated crowd at child’s large birthday gathering


In a time when people are becoming sick from being around too many people who may also be sick, one would think a guest-heavy birthday party for children would be low on the priority list.

However, Los Angeles has its own quirks, and one such event prompted a police response.

The party took place on Saturday, when the LAPD were dispatched to Hyde Park to break up a 30 to 40-person gathering.

Learning the crowd was there for a child’s birthday, the police began to tell the crowd to disperse due to COVID-19 concerns.

According to On Scene TV, the situation became tense after some partygoers became angry with the police, who declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Backup was called and eventually the police formed a line, convincing the crowd to disperse.

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