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LAPD officer will run LA Marathon in full tactical gear two years in a row

Image credit: Officers helping families in need GoFundMe page.
Officer Kristana Tudor and Officer Ken Lew. Image credit: Officers helping families in need GoFundMe page.

There is no doubt officer Kristana Tudor has a big heart. She weighs in at only 115 pounds and is signed up to run the 2016 LA Marathon but she won’t be going those 26.2 miles in traditional running gear. Instead, she will be adding an additional 35 pounds of tactical gear for a worthy cause. She’s raising money for the organization Badge of Heart, according to ABC7.

Her goal is to raise $25,000 for the organization whose mission is to help “Police Officers help those they come in contact with every day. Good, hardworking folk who are affected by personal tragedy, hardship or who are victims of crime,” as stated on the GoFundMe page dedicated to Officer Tudor’s run.

But, this isn’t the first time Officer Tudor is pushing her mental and physical limits by running the LA Marathon in her gear. Last year she ran the 2015 marathon for a different organization in her full Class A uniform and was able to raise $20,000. This year she hopes to raise awareness for Badge of Heart and all of the good work they do.

“I think it’s worthwhile to hopefully raise some attention and hopefully money for that organization,” Tudor said.

On her GoFundMe page she explains:

In 2015, Badge of Heart held their first Turkey Drive, giving 500 Los Angeles families beautiful Thanksgiving meals. In 2016, they’re aiming to feed 1000 families. On top of that, they’re holding a Back to School event, giving school bags and supplies to 1000 school children whose families can’t afford the essentials for their education.

This year Badge of Heart hopes to offer a scholarship to a few of our young LAPD Cadets. They’re amazing students who often come from underprivileged families. Through the program, they spend their spare time giving back and positively impacting the local community. Badge of Heart hopes to create a $5k scholarship to allow several deserving Cadets to go to College to continue their education.

LAPD officer Ken Lew with Badge of Heart explained to ABC7 that “An officer comes across a needy family or crime victim, we want to be first responders for those officers. So we want those officers to have the ability to come to us and hopefully we can provide some assistance to those needy families and crime victims.”

The LA Marathon is scheduled for February 14th so Officer Tudor will continue her rigorous training program until then while hoping her goal to raise $25,000 is met.

She says she hopes that her hard work and determination to finish the Marathon in full tactical gear demonstrates the dedication Badge of Heart has for it’s community.

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