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LAPD looking for man who pummeled two women while crowd just watched, filmed


Two young women were attacked by a man in downtown LA- and nobody did anything to help them.

The incident took place on Friday night, when a woman and her friend stopped by a local hot dog vendor and noticed that the man in front of them was being rude to the vendor, complaining about the price of a $6 hot dog.

While another vendor offered a free hot dog, the man persisted. Finally, one of the women had had enough and spoke up in the vendors’ defense.

“Me and my friend said something like, ‘Just leave,'” the unidentified woman said.

Suddenly, the man lashed out and attacked the women. While the incident was inevitably captured on cellphone footage, nobody stepped in to help.

The two women tried to defend themselves, but were knocked down a second time as the man fled.

One of the women, who works as a therapist for children on the autism spectrum, suffered an injury to her jaw, while the other sustained unspecified injuries. Both were driven to the hospital, and the LAPD filed a report the following day.

According to NBC4, the video was posted to the DTLA Town Square Facebook page, where comments seemed largely divided into two camps- one group felt that the women should have minded their own business, while the other camp felt the man should not have attacked them.

For the women involved, however, the most upsetting thing is that nobody even tried to help them.

“It upsets me nobody did anything,” the unidentified woman said.

Police are still trying to get information on the suspect.

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