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Knife gun from viral video not as big a threat as some are portraying


The old adage of “never bring a knife to a gunfight” is being challenged with a much sought-after (and very expensive) knife-gun.

A video has been making its rounds on the internet showing a fighting-style knife that contains a six-shot .22 short revolver cylinder.

The Arsenal RS-1 knife revolver’s trigger mechanism in the handle allows six shots to fire from the knife- with a mechanism akin to that of a traditional double-action revolver.

While many viewers complain about how the knife could be used to arm criminals, the prohibitively expensive RS-1 carries a nearly $2,300 price tag -as well as NFA paperwork and an ATF tax stamp- and only 100 were ever made. In addition, it is only chambered to fire the .22 short cartridge- a caliber whose ballistics are often overshadowed by many air rifles and is almost universally considered unsuitable for self-defense.

Still, one can only imagine if if they could make a 9mm machete variant…

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