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Kilt-wearing former Pittsburgh Steeler knocks out prowler who was threatening woman and her daughter


A woman and daughter who were being bullied in Las Vegas are safe today after being rescued by a kilt-wearing Good Samaritan.

According to WPXI News the Good Samaritan is former NFL offensive lineman Mike Withycombe, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

WPXI reports the former pro athlete was again wearing his kilt days later as he recalled jumping in to stop a man who his neighbors said was threatening to kill a woman and her daughter after lurking in the area all day.

“I heard my landlord screaming at the top of her lungs. So the first thing I grabbed is my kilt, which is by the bed,” Withycombe tells WPXI.

Withycombe says he ran outside and confronted the man saying, “Look, man it’s time for you to go.”

Withycombe, who started his NFL stint with the New York Jets in 1988, said the perp didn’t feel threatened by an “old man” and continued intimidating his landlord.

“I guess he wasn’t too worried about an old man in a kilt,” the 52-year-old Withycombe told WPXI. “He decided to take a swing at me and woke up very happily to see the police there as they were handcuffing him.  (The) cops loved it. They are like, ‘(He) took him down in a kilt like a boss.’”

Withycombe, tells WPXI he’d do it again.

“I have a mother and two sisters, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand by and let a single mother lose her daughter to a predator,” he tells WPXI.


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