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Kid loses officer by jumping into garbage can filled with cat poop and dirty diapers


A juvenile in Oregon braved a trash can full of dirty diapers and cat littler on a 90-degree day, just so he could avoid a police officer who was looking for him.

The young man was spotted on a home security camera in the town of Bend, Oregon. The young man dashed towards the trash can and leaped inside, slamming the lid shut, and hid from a police officer.

The unsanitary hiding place turned out to be quite effective, as the officer walked past him and carried on down the street. At one point, the officer -who was mere inches from the suspect- asked a group of kids if they had seen where the young man went.

According to the Daily Mail, the kid waited in the trash for half an hour before emerging from his filthy hiding hole.

The clip was posted by the homeowner on July 21, and it is unknown whether or not the suspect was apprehended at a later time or why the officer was trying to catch him.

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