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Kentucky police chief suspended after taking his wife on a high-speed chase & shootout

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A Louisville-area Police Chief has been suspended with pay after eye-witness statements show that he allowed his wife to ride with him in his Department-issued vehicle to a high-speed chase and shootout inside a Walmart.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, West Buechel Police Chief Jim Sherrard was responding to a high-speed chase that was initiated by Louisville-Metro Police. The suspect had fled the city and was in this suburban area, thus promoting Louisville PD to request assistance.

Chief Sherrard responded in his patrol car, with his wife sitting in the passenger seat. He joined the pursuit and then followed the suspect inside the store, leaving his wife in the patrol car.

Mrs. Sherrard then moved the city-issued vehicle closer to the active police-involved shooting scene.

When confronted about what his wife had done, Chief Sherrard apparently told other officers that “this will never be discussed.”

The incident in question happened on March 9th.

Sherrard’s suspension is indefinite, pending the outcome of the full investigation into his actions.

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