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Kentucky police chief retires after mayor promotes own friends in PD, demotes others


When the mayor of Bardstown, Kentucky decided to restructure the local police force without consulting the head of the department, it did not sit well with the police chief.

Mayor John Royalty unilaterally demoted two of McCubbin’s command staff and promoted two others, one of which is a personal friend of the mayor’s, kystandard.com reported. Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin, a 30-year law enforcement veteran — did not agree with the mayor’s changes.

McCubbin issued the following statement Monday when he went public with the announcement to retire:

“After much consideration, meeting with the mayor, and those closest to me, I have made the decision to retire as the Chief of Police of the Bardstown Police Department. As you are aware the past events and restructuring of our department has caused much attention as I have stated that I did not agree with the direction that has been published in a directive by the mayor. I am aware that the mayor has the full authority to do this and in order to allow this to happen I will retire and remove myself as a distraction.”

The mayor says he doesn’t regret what he did — just how he did it. McCubbin reportedly received Royalty’s directive on March 29, while he was recovering from surgery.

One local town councilwoman told WDRB: “Our mayor has made a repulsive, irresponsible and calculated decision, one that will have a devastating impact on our city and county alike.”

Many residents agree that McCubbin will be difficult to replace and that his retirement will not be a good thing for the community.

The mayor told WDRB that he will appoint Mckenzie Mattingly to serve as interim police chief. Mattingly is a former Louisville Metro Police officer and was acquitted of murder after he shot and killed a man during an undercover drug bust in 2004- the station reported.

Mayor Royalty made it clear, however, that he does not plan to hire Mattingly as the new chief. Instead, he says, he will look outside the dept to find the next top cop.

McCubbin — who was named 2015 Kentucky Police Chief of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police–plans to retire at the end of May.

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  1. What a di*k that mayor is. And why would that Mattingly even accept such an appointment under those circumstances. That is the stinking flavor of this country. Politics. And the guys he appointed should hold their heads down very low because it is disgusting.


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