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Kennedy charity that posts bail for criminals is putting dangerous, violent offenders on the street

Rikers Island and Kerry Kennedy (inset). Credit: USGS and Twitter.

The daughter of the late Bobby Kennedy and ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo has propped up a charity- designed to bail out female and young inmates busted for crimes ranging from prostitution to robbery.

Kerry Kennedy’s Robert F. Kennedy Human RIghts Foundation seeks to bail out women and 16-17-year-old inmates from Rikers Island, so that they can return to their jobs and families.

“They are innocent until proven guilty…[Yet] the only reason they are not home at their jobs, taking care of their children…is because they’re living in poverty,” Kennedy said on a local NYC radio show over the weekend.

However, while the idea sounds fair, an investigation by the New York Post revealed that many of the individuals who stand to benefit from the bail might not be the “innocent” type, yearning to go back to work and live productive lives.

One example is 24-year-old Fatima Smith, a career prostitute who has a lengthy criminal record, impersonated a police officer and robbed a man.

On July 11, she assaulted a Brooklyn man, claiming to be a police officer.

“I’m an undercover, I’m a cop, I’m gonna kill you,” she is reported to have said.

Smith was eventually busted by police, and was found with a crack pipe. She took on seventeen charges for the robbery.

Another one of Kennedy’s “unfortunates” is 17-year-old Matthew Rhinehart, who robbed a cab driver at knifepoint in September. He was busted after leaving his phone in the cab and -despite initial attempts to file police reports to claim it was stolen- admitted he and a friend were “trying to get money.”

The RFK Foundation hopes to bail out hundreds of defendants from rikers, mostly women and minors. According to the New York Post, Kennedy has vowed to “shut down” the women’s and children’s wards of the prison.

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