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Keith Lamont Scott had stolen firearm, restraining order against him



Charlotte police have released more details about the gun that Keith Scott had on him during the deadly encounter last week that’s led to massive protests.

Scott reportedly did not have a permit for the 9mm gun he was carrying and apparently the gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, officials said.  According to ABC 11, the suspect from that breaking and entering incident, told ATF agents that he sold the gun to Scott.


Meantime, WSOC-TV is also reporting that a domestic violence protective order was reportedly taken out by Scott’s wife in 2015. The order saying that Scott hit his child, kicked his wife, and threatened to kill them. He also allegedly told his family that he was ‘a killer’.  That order was dismissed one month later, WSOC reported.

Body cam and dashcam footage of last Tuesday’s shooting have been released, but some still argue that the videos don’t provide a clear image of whether Scott was carrying a gun.

Police say the 43-year-old man was seen rolling a joint inside his vehicle, outside an apartment complex. At first, they ignored that activity, but then later saw him holding up a gun.

The family maintains that Scott was unarmed. However, officers say Scott’s fingerprints, DNA and blood were found on the gun at the scene.

Community members are now calling for the resignation of the mayor and the police chief.

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