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Kansas police tweet about a very dumb “road rage” incident


Source: Twitter

A Kansas Police Department decided to have some fun with its Twitter account this week. It decided to tweet about a ridiculous “road rage” call it responded to on Wednesday night.

If you don’t have five minutes to read it, let’s take you quickly through the thread.

The dispute was between two people who refused to get out of each other’s way.

One person was coming in, the other was leaving.

The problem was neither of them had the decency to move so the other could go, which would have ended the standoff.

Despite the two officers doing their best to talk some reason into the two drivers, a sergeant was called in to hopefully straighten out these two knuckleheads. It didn’t happen.

Because the dispute was in a parking lot, which is private property, the officers couldn’t force either driver to move.

So as far as they know the two drivers are still staring at each other, refusing to move, and being just plain dumb.

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