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Kansas City Police are expertly trolling residents who call them out on social media

Source: Twitter

Whoever runs the Kansas City, MO Police Department’s social media deserves a pat on the back.

A Twitter user who goes by the user name @Jordan_Neshell tweeted about how people shouldn’t come to her about relationship issues, and in a backhanded comment after saying she would suggest killing the offending men, stated KC Police hadn’t “solved a murder since ’05.”

KC Police picked up on the tweet and corrected the user saying they had solved 99 murders in 2018 alone, which is about 73% of all reported cases.

Another user tried to mock the police by saying 73% is a C average.

KC Police pointed out the national average, per the FBI, is only 61.6%, a mark they surpass by 12%.

If this was an elementary grade then KC Police are good are far above average solving murders, and it’s Twitter game is an A+.

You can read the whole exchange here.

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