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Judge throws out murder conviction of man found guilty in connection with cop killing

Joshua Brown, 30, of El Dorado Springs.
Joshua Brown, 30, of El Dorado Springs.

A Greene County, Missouri judge has overturned the murder conviction of a man found guilty in connection with the killing of a Cedar County Sheriff’s deputy.

Greene County Judge Calvin Holden.  Credit: yourmissiourijudges.org
Greene County Judge Calvin Holden. Credit: yourmissiourijudges.org

In November 2014, Josh Brown was behind the wheel when he and his passenger were pulled over in El Dorado Springs, for driving without headlights. Brown took off and his passenger jumped out of the car and got into a gunfight with the officer who made the traffic stop. 25-year-old deputy Matthew Chism and the passenger were both killed.

Fallen Hero: Cedar County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Chism
Fallen Hero: Cedar County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Chism

The Springfield News-Leader reports that in May, a jury found Brown guilty of four felonies– including second degree murder. Apparently Judge Calvin Holden did not agree with that verdict and Monday dismissed the murder conviction, as well as the one for ‘hindering prosecution’.

Brown, a prior offender,  was sentenced  to 10 years for the remaining two felonies– distribution of a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence.

According to a release issued by the prosecution–Judge Holden stated that deputy Chism did not follow proper police procedure when he started chasing the passenger. He did not have probable cause to believe the passenger was guilty of a crime since the pursuit began as a traffic stop, the judge said.

Cedar County Prosecutor Ty Gaither says he was surprised by the judge’s decision to overturn the murder conviction and plans to appeal.

Gaither says Holden’s decision was “incorrect, ignores the law and the facts, and improperly sets aside the decision of a jury.”


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  1. Can you say “bullshit” on this site? Because that’s exactly what the judges decision is. Sometimes you just have to shake your head in amazement.

  2. So if a Police Officer stops a vehicle and the passenger jumps out and the car speeds away that is not suspicious????
    Would a Reasonable Person think this is suspicious??
    This Judge should be removed from the bench.

  3. Does anybody not know this weasel is a Democrat So much for the rule of law and real justice…not from the left.


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