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Judge scolds 4 privileged young men, "I'd be crying too, if I was you," for beating man, stealing bike


A Cook county judge ridiculed four college-bound honors students in her courtroom yesterday as the young men wept over their “poor decisions.”

Prosecutors described on Wednesday in criminal court how the teens pulled up to a Wicker Park gas station in a Mercedes SUV, and brutally beat a man with bats, dragging him through the streets in order to steal his bike.  According to the Daily Mail, the four had solicited the meeting from a Craigslist ad to sell the bike.

The victim told police he tried to fight his attackers off, but they came back and dragged the bike across the street, while he was still underneath it.

When the teens appeared in court with their attorneys, Judge Peggy Chiampas told them:  ‘Yeah I’d be crying, too, if I was you.’ Then turning to the deputies in the courtroom, she added: ‘Can we have some Kleenex for these young men?’  The young men claimed that they were trying to get back a stolen bike.

When police arrived on the scene to take the suspects into custody they found: “a pink baseball bat, a small black and red baseball bat, a metal pipe, and a can of red pepper spray.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the suspects is a Whitney Young Magnet High School graduate with a 4.3 GPA who was bound for the prestigious, California Polytechnic State University.  Patrick Moran, the son of a lawyer and Whitney Young grad, has been accepted to the University of Michigan.

Moran, Carter Coates, Andrew Patterson and Michael Kralis, all 18, are now charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The 20-year-old who was reportedly trying to sell the bike for $500 before returning to college in the fall, posted a picture of it on Facebook. The four students set up a meeting with him on Craigslist and told police they were trying to retrieve a stolen bike.

Judge Chiampos ordered the four be held on $75,000 bail.


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