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Judge rejects guilty plea for woman who filmed her trysts with underage boys – says they weren’t physically harmed


A Judge in Idaho has rejected a plea deal for a woman who was filmed having sex with multiple underage teens. The plea deal required her to plead guilty to felony charges.

District Judge Darren Simpson struck down the deal for Amanda Steele, a 34-year-old charged with three felony counts of child sexual battery committed by lewd conduct.

Simpson informed defense attorney Shane Reichert that the two-count amendment as part of a plea deal would require evidence that the teens suffered harm.

“I’m not going to accept a plea on some fiction,” Simpson said. “I’ve got some concerns about being able to take a plea unless there is a factual basis for it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Reichert argued that the teens having sexual relation could suffer harm.

“I don’t understand the issue,” Riechert said. “I’ve done it on multiple occasions.”

The judge, however, argued that to plead guilty is to have the defendant admit to every part of a crime and information that supports the crime.

Court documents state that the teens would reportedly skip school and Latter-day seminary to go to Steele’s home to engage in sexual intercourse.

Her trysts with the boys began in 2016, and an investigation was launched in 2017.

Interestingly, it was Steele’s ex-husband who added fuel to the fire of the investigation, revealing that his ex-wife had been having sex with underage boys, and even saw her snuggling with a teen in the family hot tub.

When Mr. Steele attempted to intervene, his ex-wife claimed he was being “ridiculous.”

A few years later, one teenager amitted to having sex with Steele and even filming the encounters on a GoPro camera, which had allegedly been destroyed.

Steele’s initial plea agreement requested that she be placed on a retained jurisdiction or rider program, followed by an evaluation to determine if she was at low risk to reoffend. If found to be of low risk, she would then be placed on probation with local jail time, possibly only sacrificing weekends to serve out her sentence.

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