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Judge kicks officers out of courtroom who were there to support co-worker who was shot


Detroit police officers are being accused of intimidation in the courtroom, as they go to show support for one of their brothers in blue.

Officer Jamarian Holloway was injured in a violent scuffle with a suspect last June. Holloway was shot in the hand as he tried to wrestle the gun away from Donald Simmons. He says when his own family could not be in court to show support, his law enforcement family stood in for them.

There were about 12 officers in attendance at the evidentiary hearing on Wednesday. Elvin Barren, the commanding officer of Metro Division told Fox2 News he’s very unhappy with the way the judge treated them in court.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Craig Strong did not approve of their presence. According to FOX2, Strong didn’t understand why on-duty officers were in his courtroom, when they should have been out on the street doing their jobs.

The judge asked each and every one of the officers why they were there and questioned what they meant by “support.”  The judge kicked out all but three officers, who were off-duty at the time.

Cmdr. Barren believes they were treated unfairly because they are law enforcement.

But Judge Strong insists that he didn’t understand why they were there in the first place – there was no jury, there was no testimony.  The defendant’s lawyer says the cops were clearly there to intimidate or influence the judge in some way.

“I just think the nuances of this matter like bringing in 10 to 12 officers in the court room… was trying to intimidate the judge and it was not particularly a good move,” said attorney Karri Mitchell.

Simmons ended up pleading guilty to resisting and obstruction and to felony firearm.


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