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Judge clears Florida sheriff in “sex ring” lawsuit, centered around jail employee in open marriage

Escambia County Sheriff Dan Morgan (Source: Pexels / Escambia County Sheriff’s Office)

A federal judge has thrown out the case against Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan, finding the claims from two women to be “non-existent.”

According to the Pensacola News Journal, two sisters claimed Sheriff Morgan ignored their pleas about two of his deputies having sex with their mother and then sexually abusing them when they were teens.

In his order, the judge says the attorney for the sisters stretched the truth to the point where it was difficult for him to determine what was relevant, necessary, and otherwise salacious.

The core allegation revolved around a former jail employee who was having sex with multiple deputies, while on duty, as part of an open marriage she had with her husband. The claim stated Sheriff Morgan “tacitly allowed” this sex ring to continue. The sisters claimed this happened so often, that deputies began pushing the boundaries and attempted to sexually assault the two teen girls.

Morgan denied all allegations.

“Can it be seriously maintained that it was ‘very foreseeable’ that a deputy’s consensual sex with the mother would lead him to molest her minor child?” the judge questioned. “Child molestation is not a reasonably anticipated outgrowth of consensual adult sex.”

At different points during the case, the plaintiffs claimed Morgan ignored the sex ring, used his powers to steer internal investigations away from it, and even had sex with their mother.

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