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‘I’ve made grown men cry,’ New York officer says women calm tense situations better than male co-workers


A female officer in New York claims that women have a special ability when dealing with men, be it the easy way or the hard way.

Long Island-area Officer Samantha Sepulveda, who previously made headlines in 2017 for her lingerie modeling, was on The Action Junkiez podcast, explaining how women are able to calm male suspects down.

“I’ve had the baddest dudes crying in a cell,” she said, mimicking a crying man with “mommy issues.” “They just wanna talk.”

According to Sepulveda, men tend to relax when a female officer walks in, as opposed to being keyed-up when confronting a male officer.

“We just bring a different aspect to it,” she added.

However, not all suspects are so easy to deal with, and the five-foot-two officer has no problem holding her own against violent offenders.

“If we have to fight, we have to fight,” she said.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Sepulveda moved to the United States at the age of five and later attended the University of Massachusetts.

The Freeport Police Department is supportive of Sepulveda’s modeling side job, and she is frequently utilized for community outreach programs.

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