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IRS scammers take fraud to new level, leads to ‘standoff’ with police


A Colorado Springs family got more than they bargained for yesterday when they were “Swatted” by scammers after refusing to give into their demands.

According to KKTV, homeowner Jim Davis says received a call from the scammers while he was at work Monday morning. They said that if he didn’t pay years of back taxes, he would be thrown in jail for tax evasion.

Davis went on to say the suspects knew his address and that after he refused to pay, they said that they would surround his house within 15 minutes to place him under arrest.

The scammers then called from several different numbers, posing as Federal, County and City Law Enforcement agencies, each time threatening to come take him into custody.

Unfortunately for Davis, the scammers also called calling 911. Claiming to be Davis, they began threatening that Davis was going shoot people in the household as well as Law Enforcement officers.

In short order, Police swarmed the Davis residence in preparation for a standoff. Nearby Discovery Canyon School was also placed on lockdown while police moved in. Davis’ 20-year old daughter Amber, the sole occupant of the house at the time, reports being “terrified” after looking out the window.
“I didn’t know they were here, Amber said. “I heard noises outside and when I finally got a call from a police officer, he told me that he outside and there was cops swarming. I went outside and it was terrifying because there were guys with shields and guns.”

At the same time, Jim Davis was rushing to get home to his daughter, unsure if he was talking to police officers or scammers. Upon arrival, he realized that he, his family and law enforcement had been scammed.

When contacted by Leo Affairs, Lieutenant Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department released the following statement:

“This is a reminder that there are many scams prevalent at this time of year particularly those dealing with the IRS. While most scams do not rise to the level of the suspects calling in a false 911 emergency, citizens are reminded to be vigilant. If you receive a telephone call stating you owe money and feel that it may be a scam obtain as much information as possible and report it to authorities.”

Leo Affairs also received an audio clip, containing the first three minutes of the scammer’s 911 call.

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