Home News Investigation underway in Bridgeport, CT after racially-charged letters left on officers’ cars

Investigation underway in Bridgeport, CT after racially-charged letters left on officers’ cars


Another wave of racially-charged letters has been left on Bridgeport police officer’s vehicles.

The letter – which is on what “looks like” the police chief’s stationary — was found on eight vehicles. Several police officers found the letters on their cars, which were parked in the police department lot. It reportedly makes accusations about the targeting of certain officers because of their race.

NBC Connecticut reported that, a half dozen names were written under the heading “White Power Emerald Society,” on department letterhead, bearing the name of Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. and containing the alleged signature of the assistant police chief.

“I am disgusted that someone would make such a hateful statement and falsify my signature to the document,” Assistant Chief James Nardozzi said. “I did not write or sign this letter nor have I made any statements that even remotely reflect the sentiments of this letter. The allegations are ludicrous and sickening,” he added.

According to the Hartford Courant, similar letters on department letterhead were found inside mailboxes at department headquarters in February. Those letters also contained the words “white power,” the article said.

“These black officers belong in the toilet,” the letters stated, according to a February 18 Associated Press article. Former Bridgeport Officer Clive Higgins was mentioned in those earlier letters. Higgins was acquitted in January of violating a person’s civil rights in connection with the 2011 beating of a Hispanic suspect caught on video.

Higgins is one of the six names mentioned in the September letters, the Courant reported. He resigned from the department in July, while still on administrative leave.

Upon receiving the letters, Police Chief Joe Gaudett said: “The city and the Police Department have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any kind, especially that of a racial nature….The Bridgeport Police Department has one of the most diverse police departments in the state….that diversity is a great strength for our department.”

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