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4 Sided Officer Rights Card – Print this card out, fold along the lines and carry it with you.  It tells you what to do if you’re involved in a shooting or have to write a statement for work. * Acrobat Reader Required


So You Got A Notice That You’re A Subject Officer…….NOW WHAT???

Complaint Review Board StrategyAcrobat Reader Required

Inside The Mind Of An Arbitrator – Documents obtained from a police arbitrator * Acrobat Reader Required


FOP & Off. Victor Raynor vs. Atlantic Beach Police Department – Injunction granted on 02/18/05 preventing department from using information obtained from psychologist during a “fitness-for-duty” evaluation, even though the officer was coerced into signing a release because he felt he would be terminated if he did not. * Acrobat Reader Required

Richard S. Cochran vs. City of Tampa, Tampa Police Department and Police Chief Stephan Hogue – Injunction granted on 04/05/04 preventing department from using medical records obtained after forcing officer to sign release by threat of discipline.  The court also ruled that “The TPD takes the position that the privilege of being a police officer is dependent upon a willingness to forego constitutional rights and privileges.  However, the protections of the United States Constitution apply to all citizens equally.  In choosing their career, law enforcement officers should not be required to abandon rights enjoyed by the public at large.” * Acrobat Reader Required

PBA & Travis Maus vs. City of Tampa – Grievance sustained via arbitration in a decision handed down on 06/02/06 from a hearing that occurred on 12/15/05.   Officer was terminated for violation of Use of Force policy.  Arbitrator found that employer failed to establish they had just cause to discharge officer.  The City was ordered to reinstate grievant to his former position as a sworn police officer with full seniority and benefits as well as to make payment to him for lost wages.  This document is 46 pages long. * Acrobat Reader Required

Use of Garrity

Labor Relations Information System (LRIS)

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