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Instagram page uses pictures of ‘hot cops’ to sell shirts, doesn’t always give officers recognition


A clothing line for law enforcement is reportedly using photos of female police officers to sell products- and potentially failing to ask the female officers for permission to use their photos.

Blueline_Armoury, an Instagram page that re-shares photos of policewomen from around the world, also maintains a teespring store, known as “bluelivescollections,” or the “Blue Lives Family Collection.”

The Instagram page is littered with “hot cops,” though not everything appears to be in order- many of the photos are lacking credits to the officers, who posted the original photos.

While it is commonplace to see photos circulating on Instagram, using photos to sell commercial products without permission from the photo owners is rather taboo and considered to be in poor taste.

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  1. I believe the page is run by one of the women who were fired for using a coin flip app to decide if a woman went to jail.

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