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Instagram deletes, then later restores New York police union’s post about Snoop Dogg’s anti-police song


Instagram flip-flopped on the appropriateness of a post made by a New York police union, one that involved rapper Snoop Dogg singing anti-police messages during the controversial Super Bowl halftime show.

The Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association’s post was merely the lyrics of the song, which was broadcast the world over.

The February 11 post was ironically “removed for violence and incitement.”

“Encouraging people to shoot police officers apparently earns you a spot as a headliner at the Superbowl,” the PBA wrote in the post.

According to the New York Post, the song is titled “Police,” and contains the following lyrics:

“All you n—as out there, Take your guns that you using to shoot each other

And start shooting these b—h-a– mother-f–king police.

That’ll impress a mother-f–king n—a like me. The crooked mother-f–kers

‘Cause these police getting way too mother-f–king outta line”

The song was also recently released, on January 22nd, just a short time before the Super Bowl.

The PBA pointed out the double standard that has long been criticized on such platforms.

“For Instagram to censor a post that condemns Snoop Dogg for encouraging the killing of police officers is evidence that Instagram is complicit and condones such violence,” said Lou Civello, vice president of the Suffolk County PBA. “This is a slap in the face to everyone who has ever worn the uniform and put their lives on the line for the safety of others, and is an example that Instagram enables, if not encourages, harm against police officers. They should be ashamed.”

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