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Indonesian police officer walks away from riot scene with arrow in his eye


Just when we thought officers in California and the Pacific Northwest had to deal with a lot of insanity from belligerent and violent groups like Antifa, an officer in Indonesia might as well have said, ‘hold my beer.’

The unidentified officer in the province of Papua is seen casually strolling away from a riot, with an long arrow protruding from his right eye. He was later praised on social media by General Krishna Murti, who called him a hero. His Instagram post roughly translates to, “he just wanted to carry out the task . Eyes hit by arrows … “… eyes hit by arrows when securing a conflict . He is still strong … YOU ARE GREAT NAK … !! WE ARE PROUD.”

The riots are the result in a fight over the archipelago region’s leadership. Several injuries were reported and multiple business were burned during the riots.

The status of the officer struck by the arrow is not known, but it is being he was transported to the region’s capitol to get medical care.

Papua, Indonesia. Credit: Google Maps.

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