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Indonesia admits to beauty standards for female officers, denies report of virginity test


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If you’re an Indonesian woman and want to be in the country’s police force, you had better be good-looking.

Indonesia has refuted claims that a “two-finger” morality test of a woman’s virginity is administered to female police recruits by female examiners, despite a Human Rights Watch report to the contrary.

“Of course we would test people’s health, but not their virginities-I’ve asked the doctors,” inspector-general and former chief spokesman Setyo Wasisto told the Australian ABC.

Studies claim that recruiters in Indonesia look for “pretty, good girls,” in an effort to downplay the stereotype of Indonesian police being corrupt males.

Wasisto did not deny that good looks play a role in recruitment.

“They not only have to be pretty, they also have to be good looking, because being good looking is relative,” he said. “It depends on the recruits’ task- if their task is [in public relations], then of course we find someone that is good looking. Come to our headquarters, there are many female police officers who are average, but they all have their own individual skills.”

The spokesman reported that there are around 30,000 female police officers in the country, a small percentage of the total force of around 461,000.

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