Home News “I’m maxing out at 40,” officer radios squad car frustrations during pursuit

“I’m maxing out at 40,” officer radios squad car frustrations during pursuit


After locating a reported stolen vehicle while on patrol, a Whitefish police officer ended up in a police pursuit he was never going to win with a defective squad car.

According to WDJT, the pursuit happened on September 19th.

If the video, you can hear the officer voice his frustrations as he chases the stolen vehicle. “Be advise my squad is acting up, I’m not able to give chase here, he’s going pretty fast, about 80. I’m only doing about 40 in my squad.”

Two minutes later the defective vehicle and another patrol car are driving side-by-side when the officer radios, “86 just go around me at this point.”

All the while the suspect was running red lights, driving down the wrong lane, and pulling about 70-80 miles per hour through residential streets.

The officer even commented, “I’m so far back it’s ridiculous.”

The pursuit eventually moved from the road to a foot race through a neighborhood. The suspect was eventually caught and charged.

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