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“I’m from Chicago bro:” Man tries to rob Florida gas station but has change of heart after being outgunned


A criminal from Chicago got a rude awakening when he tried to rob a gas station in the Florida Panhandle, learning that Sunshine State residents aren’t intimidated by armed men from the Windy City.

Rakim Tate, a 32-year-old Chitown resident, was charged with open carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

On September 9, Tate attempted to rob a North Pace Blvd in Pensacola, located less than half a mile from the county jail.

Walking into the store with a shotgun in hand, Tate told the store clerk he had no desire to hurt him.

“I don’t mean no harm, I’m just not from around here,” Tate told the clerk. “I got a big a* m*** gun, but I’m not from around here is what I’m saying. I’m from Chicago bro.”

According to WEAR, Tate then noticed that -unlike in Illinois- legally-carried firearms are more common in Florida, as the clerk was armed with a weapon of his own.

The clerk calmly told Tate to depart, likely sensing the sudden apprehension he was feeling once he lost the monopoly of force.

Tate was arrested in adjacent Santa Rosa County on the 16th of September and was booked into Escambia County Jail the following day on $101,000 bond.

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