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“I’m about to call my mama,” rapper shouts at officers after being tased for resisting arrest


A Birmingham, Alabama rapper was tased and taken into custody, along with his brother, after obstructing a traffic stop in a now-viral video.

The man, who goes by the rap name Comeup’Gang King Cody, began yelling and berating the officers performing a traffic stop.

He’s yelling at the officers because they had pulled his brother over for an unknown traffic violation.

After listening to ‘King Cody’ use racially charged and insensitive comments toward them, the officers then approached him and instructed him to leave and get out of the way so they could do their job.

‘King Cody’ charged back saying, “you can’t tell me where to go.” He followed that up by saying, “I ain’t going nowhere.”

You can hear in the video the officer respond by saying, “You’re about to get tased for resisting.”

After a few more verbal barbs the officers then deploy a taser and bring ‘King Cody’ under arrest, but not before the rapper shouted out, “I want my mother f***ing mami, hoe.”

In later Facebook videos, it appears ‘King Cody’ was eventually released, treated for being tased, and then arrested again after police found a warrant out for his arrest.

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  1. This type of crap is what turns civilians against their local departments. Big egos with badges. Then we want to expect their help when a brother in blue goes down while 50 people are watching, but no one wants to say what they saw. Every incident erodes the public trust, one citizen at a time.


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