Home News Illegal border tunnels pumped full of toxic gas in Egypt, killing two

Illegal border tunnels pumped full of toxic gas in Egypt, killing two

Source: IDF

If you think the American border crisis was serious, you should really look towards the Middle East.

As U.S. politicians go for each other’s throats in a debate over a border wall between the United States and Mexico, the Egyptian military has admitted to recently gassing a tunnel stretching from the Sinai Peninsula into the Gaza strip, killing two Hamas members and injuring several others.

39-year-old Hamas officer Abdul Hamid al-Aker is reported to have been killed alongside 8-year-old Sobhi Abu Qarshin, who reportedly attempted to rescue al-Aker. The two were part of a tunnel repair operation, following demolition work by Egypt.

Egypt takes a dim view of the tunneling between the Sinai and the Gaza Strip, often pumping tunnels full of raw sewage and seawater.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the practice is nothing new, and both Israel and Egypt -who were once bitter enemies- have been forced to work together in their efforts to take border protection seriously.

With nearly 150 miles of border between Egypt and Israel, the two nation states are constantly on the lookout for Palestinian terror tunnels, with the latter country destroying over 15 of the underground networks last year.

In the United States drug tunnels have been located along the US-Mexico border, ferrying narcotics, illegal aliens, firearms and paramilitary gang members from one nation to the other- with Mexico seemingly powerless to stop the traffickers from closing in on the border, to begin with.

Even before the border issue became a polarizing war of ideologies between conservatives and liberals in the US, they had been an issue for some time. From Fiscal Year 1990 (FY1990) to September of 2015, over 183 tunnels were discovered along the border. Some tunnels were found to be quite advanced, akin to mining shafts and equipped with miniature rail lines.

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