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“I’ll get the governor on the phone,” New Mexico senator rips into Troopers after receiving a death threat


New Mexico Senator Jacob Candelaria is claiming that New Mexico State Police did not respond quickly enough after he received a death threat in the middle of the night.

According to KOB4, Senator Candelaria, a Democrat, says he received the threat at 2 a.m. in the morning. It wasn’t until several hours later when police arrived at his home to investigate.

In the video, which was released by the Republican Party of New Mexico, Candelaria never raises his voice but does use threatening language to the officers.

He first describes how he and his husband are intending on leaving the home to a safer location, and then complains about the lack of urgency after he notified 911 about the threat.

The threat, is apparently after Candelaria complained about an anti-mask protest that was held in the state’s capital.

In just 30 days, New Mexico has seen the number of daily COVID-19 cases increase four-fold.

Candelaria, feeling a lack of compassion from the officers, threatens to call the Governor to hold the officers accountable.

After playing the threat and not receiving the desired response, Candelaria tells the officers to leave saying, “you don’t have a warrant or jurisdiction to be in my home.”

Now that the incident has gone viral, Candelaria says he will seek more justice reform and accountability bills.

The State Police have released the following information:

On October 25, 2020 New Mexico State police Uniform Bureau was dispatched to Senator Jacob Candelaria’s residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico in reference to alleged threats he received via telephone.

Sen. Candelaria contacted NMSP dispatch after he reported the alleged threat to APD. A NMSP sergeant attempted to contact Sen. Candeleria via phone numerous times throughout the day but was unsuccessful. At approximately 12:44 p.m., Sen. Candeleria answered the sergeants’ call. He then responded and took the initial report. 

The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau assumed control of the investigation. All evidence and reports have been submitted to the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office. They will review the case and determine the course of action as is normal business practice. 

New Mexico State Police conduct comprehensive investigations when responding to any call for service.  Threats of violence are always taken seriously. — Office Ray Wilson, public information officer for New Mexico State Police

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