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“I have daddy issues:” Woman goes viral for encounter during traffic stop


Video of a Wisconsin woman hurling abuse and crude gestures towards a police officer has gone viral, in what is yet another glimpse of societal decline.

The released body camera footage involving 33-year-old Nicole Golomski during a New Year’s traffic stop has been making its rounds on various social media platforms.

Golomski, who was smoking as her boyfriend sat without a seatbelt in the passenger seat during the stop, claimed she did not like men and tried to justify her attitude towards the officer making the stop.

“You really don’t have anything better to do on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Night?” she shouted.

At one point, Golomski made a crude fellatio gesture and said “Breathalyze this.”

According to the Daily Mail, the self-proclaimed “proud mother” was ranting on as police tried to wrap up the stop.

“I have daddy issues and I don’t like men, I don’t trust them. I have PTSD,” she said.

A few days after the iconic stop, Golomski was pulled over for driving on a suspended license. She was arrested for an unrelated charge earlier this year.

Since 2007, Golomski has racked up over 60 criminal charges, and the father of her child was deported to Mexico near the end of December.

Despite becoming infamous on the internet, there is a silver lining to the incident – the officer involved has been praised almost universally for his patience and politeness.

“This was literally the chillest cop I’ve ever seen, I have no idea how he wasn’t yelling at that woman,” one YouTube user commented.

The officer in question is believed to be Portage County Sheriff Deputy Benjamin Beaudoin, though no official confirmation has surfaced as of yet.

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