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Hundreds turn out in rally to support police officers

Image courtesy of the Boston Police Department.
Image courtesy of the Boston Police Department.

By Brett Gillin

With all of the demonstrations and protests happening throughout the nation, which seem to have an anti-police edge to them, it’s interesting to see the exact opposite happen. Last week, in Adams Square Massachusetts, hundreds of people gathered holding signs and chanting. This time, however, the signs and messages were decidedly pro-police.

Not even the bitter cold weather of Boston could stop people from gathering to show just how much the local Boston Police Department means to the community. The rally, which lasted a little more than an hour, featured hundreds of signs, cheers, and passing cars honking their horns in support.

“I think it’s just a little bit that we can do for everything that BPD (Boston Police Department) does for us every single day,” Mickey Doyle, a rally participant, told WHDH.com.

The Boston Globe reports that between 300 and 400 people showed up to show their support for the local police. The showing pleasantly surprised Boston Police Spokesman James Kenneally.

“The mere presence, the decision to gather and get together and the fact that they wanted to send a message loud and clear that the community at large cares about their police officers,” Kenneally told the Boston Globe. “That message was well-received by members of the Boston Police Department.”

Several of the rally participants were seen holding signs reading “We support the Boston Police” and “Honk if you love the BPD!” Another rally participant told reporters with WHDH “My husband is a Boston Police officer and so is the rest of our family, pretty much everyone in our family is a Boston Police officer. We came out to support those who always support us.”10633499_10152644249742685_5477590048630760642_o

Boston Police Chief William Gross told reporters “This is great, it’s a great show of support. What that does for the Boston Police, it just showcase [sp] that we do have great relationship with the community and that our sacrifices that we make on a daily basis are not taken for granted.”

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