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Horrifying abduction caught on camera in Canada


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Police in Canada are on the hunt for a man who appears to have kidnapped a young woman in the greater Toronto area..

The abduction was caught on a residential security camera early Thursday morning, when a woman began ringing the doorbell of the home in a desperate attempt for help.

As the woman waits for an answer, a man exits a parked car with what appears to be a handgun.

A struggle ensued, with the man eventually taking control and grabbing the woman by her scalp.

“I think I’m going to die,” the woman sobbed.

“Good,” the main said as he dragged her to the vehicle.

The woman attempted to resist, but was overpowered by the man.

“I’m gonna kill you,” he told her.

The man then stuffed her in the vehicle and drove away from the scene.

York Regional Police are attempting to identify both the victim and the suspect.

“We are worried for her safety, 100 per cent,” Constable Andy Pattenden told The Star. “This woman appears scared for her life.”

Police are asking anyone with information to step forward. The investigation is ongoing.

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