Home News Homeowner shoots 5 intruders, killing 3 in Texas

Homeowner shoots 5 intruders, killing 3 in Texas


A homeowner staring down a violent home invasion in Texas refused to be a victim, killing three and wounding two of the armed invaders with his home defense weapon.

The east Houston resident’s home was stormed by masked bandits at around 1 AM on Saturday morning, with at least two armed with long guns. Arming himself with his AK-pattern firearm, the unnamed homeowner repelled the invasion, engaging in a short firefight with the intruders.

In terms of casualties, one suspect was killed inside of the home, while two mortally wounded men escaped, only to succumb to their injuries shortly after, with one being found in a getaway car down the road and another found in the street. The two survivors of the incident were treated for their wounds at the hospital.

According to ABC13, police are still investigating the scene, and families of the bandits were seen sobbing at the scene of the crime.

The homeowner did not believe the robbery to be random, as he had met the individuals in passing at a prior date and assumed they wanted to steal valuables from him.

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