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Home explodes after barricaded man fires flare gun at police officers


A massive explosion rocked a suburban neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, after a man engaged in a standoff with police reportedly blew up his own home with a flare gun.

The incident took place on Monday evening when local law enforcement surrounded the residence following reports of shots being fired.

A warrant was obtained, and police had prepared to make entry following multiple failed attempts to make contact.

“During the early parts of it, after we had obtained a search warrant, we were attempting to make contact with the individual. Our SWAT team was on scene at that point, we would determine that the incident would be a barricade because the suspect had not exited the residence,” said Ashley Savage, public information officer with Arlington County Police Department. “We were attempting to make contact with the individual when shots were discharged inside the residence.”

It is reported that the suspect then fired off a series of flares and caused an explosion, one which destroyed the house and injured several officers.

“The suspect inside the residence discharged several rounds. The house subsequently exploded,” Savage told ABC News.

The explosion could be heard and felt for some distance.

The suspect’s remains have not been found.

A subsequent open-source search revealed the possible identity of the suspect: James Yoo, who was listed in public records as being the sole resident of the address.

James Yoo

Yoo had an eccentric social media presence and was oddly active on LinkedIn, which is usually reserved for job networking and putting on one’s best face.

Additionally, Yoo had some “sovereign citizen” tendencies and would frequently post his various “paper terrorism” lawsuit court rulings to YouTube.

Yoo also posted actively on the comings and goings of his neighbors, believing they were undercover members of the state out to get him.

The activist was reportedly also a graduate of George Mason University’s school of business, and reportedly had worked as the head of communications and physical security for an international telecommunications company.

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