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Hero cop to be sued by man whose life he saved


MBTA Transit Police Detective Sean Conway of Boston, Massachusetts was hailed as a hero last May after he pulled a man back, preventing him from falling off the platform at a T station. Now, Anthony Ferrier, the man who was saved by Conway, is looking to press charges on the officer.

Even though the department review of the incident claims Conway “acted appropriately” after saving the man’s life, Ferrier’s lawyer states the complete footage of the video shows the 13-year police veteran unnecessarily punch his client’s head several times, causing multiple facial fractures.

According to Boston.com, Howard Friedman, Ferrier’s attorney, said the full video wasn’t available until a public records request was filed.

“Government agencies cannot disclose only records that they believe reflect positively on the agency,” he wrote in a statement on his website. “The MBTA’s attempt to mislead the public by refusing to provide the complete video shows the need for a strong public records law. Agencies now suffer no penalty when they violate the law. Under our current law we had to file a lawsuit and wait nearly a year to force the agency to provide records that should have been available to the public on request.”

Not only will Friedman “likely pursue” a lawsuit against Conway, but there is also a possibility the MBTA will face one as well. Lt. Richard Sullivan, a spokesperson for MBTA stated Ferrier was “actively resisting” that afternoon.

“Although we respect Attorney Friedman’s right to his opinion we disagree with his assessment of the incident in its totality,” Sullivan wrote in an email. “Detective Conway’s quick and decisive actions saved a man’s life. After careful review of the incident by our Use of Force Committee it was concluded Detective Conway acted appropriately. Detective Conway documented his actions via a Use of Force report and the implication the Transit Police or the MBTA attempted to mislead or deceive the public is simply incorrect. Based on potential and/or pending litigation on this matter it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”

Both parties agree that Ferrier was intoxicated during the time of the incident.

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  1. HERO Cop? What part of beating the shit out of him was an attempt to save his life? Why did the MBTA only release an editted version of the video that omitted the Assault by the Officer? ALL Abusive cops should be hunted down and revenge exacted upon them by the people of the commmunities they are supposed to Serve. The State cannot be trusted to prosecute these pieces of shit, because the State is too Interested in protecting it’s fucking Piggy bank. We need a group of Anonymous Vigilantes for these dirtbags…

  2. So much of this could have been avoided if the MBTA had been transparent from the start. When they intentionally cut the video right before an important part, then stonewall for 8 months, they are violating the public trust.

  3. The truth finally came out. Cop was nothing more than a thug and threat to Public Safety. There is no reason for what he did. Its too bad he wont be responsible to personally pay a huge amount of money because the poor taxpayers will pay the bill!


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