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Hernando Mayor in hot water after sending picture of genitals


The Mayor of Hernando, MS got more than he bargained for when a private sexting photo he sent to a woman ended up being made public.

According to WAFB, Mayor Chip Johnson sent a shower-themed nude photo to a woman he was dating.


“It’s between two consenting adults and it was something that was meant to remain private. Obviously, it is not anymore,” Johnson said.

Though Johnson is currently going through a divorce, he says he trusted the woman to keep the photo a secret.

“There are just probably some things you should not trust. Obviously this is one of them,” Johnson said.

Unfortunately for Johnson, the photo was sent the day after Christmas to some of the Hernando aldermen with the message “your mayor.”

Residents are shocked by the photo, condemning their mayor’s behavior.

“He shouldn’t do anything like that in an office like that,” another said.

Johnson insists that the photo has nothing to do with his job as mayor of Hernando.

“Obviously this was something very private and personal with me. This has nothing to do with the city of Hernando. It does not interfere with my job. I govern this city every day,” Johnson said.

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