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Heartbreaking: Dozens of abuse victims identified from state-run youth detention center


Over one-hundred-and-fifty staffers of a New Hampshire state youth detention center have been accused of sexually abusing over two-hundred-and-thirty children at a facility that has now become known as a “magnet for predators.”

Three-dozen individuals (who are now adults) once detained at the Youth Development Center in Manchester between 1982 and 2014 have stepped forward, and are being represented in a lawsuit by Rus Rilee.

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Of the 150 accused staffers, around half are being accused of sexual abuses, which include gang rape and forcing young detainees to rape each other.

As a result of some of these atrocious acts, pregnancies occurred and sexually transmitted diseases were passed around.

According to the Associated Press, children were often, beaten, forced to fight one another, and were often shackled to their bed while naked.

Many of those too injured from beatings and abused missed so much classroom time, they are illiterate.

“These broken, shattered children were then unleashed into society with no education, no life skills and no ability to meaningfully function,” said Rilee.

While an investigation was launched in 2019, state officials declined to comment on the new allegations.

“The systemic, governmental child abuse that occurred was allowed to occur because there wasn’t sufficient oversight, and the state was institutionally negligent in their hiring, training, supervision and retention polices,” Rilee said. “It’s pretty clear to me that this facility was a magnet for predators.”

Many victims have claimed that they have been unable to integrate into society, and that the long-lasting wounds have affected them greatly.

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