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Hawaii PD releases video of teen girls filming themselves destroying hotel’s sand sculpture


Two juveniles have been identified in a case of vandalism involving an elaborate sand sculpture in an upscale Honolulu hotel.

The sand sculpture, depicting a male and female, was destroyed by the female vandal as she swatted it with a pillow, then decapitated the sand female figure before she then removed the nose off of the male.

The video of the incident -which took place on August 12-was  released to the public by the Honolulu Police on Thursday, in hopes that the two perpetrators could be identified.

Mere hours later, the teens -the vandal and the individual who filmed her- were identified.

According to KHON 2, no arrests have been made at this time.

Visitors seemed distraught at the state of the statue, which has since been subject to repairs.

“It’s amazing how much effort you know probably went into it and how little it took to destroy it,” said tourist Jim Bruce.

The sculpture was created by Sandsational Sand Sculptures, a local company that specializes in the art.

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