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Happens All The Time: Union posts latest viral video of NYPD officers being harassed


The New York City Police Benevolent Association wants people to know that the abuse NYPD officers take is not limited to just water.

The PBA posted a video on Twitter of a man confronting two officers on the subway.

The man starts the verbal assault and begins by saying, “I have the right to defend myself.” The officer replies, “Oh you do? You think so?”

He then goes on to tell the officer, “then hit me.” He finally tells the officers to, “suck my d**k” as people recording the incident laugh in the background.

When the second officer tries to end the conversation and get the disrespectful man to stop, the man turns to him quickly and says, “freedom of speech.”

The video then ends.

In the tweet, the NYCPBA says incidents similar to this and the recent dousing of officers with water occurs on a daily basis. The union says it’s, “past the point of disrespect. This behavior is inciting lawlessness.”

NYPD Chief Terence Monahan says he intends to arrest the men in the water video for assaulting an officer. He told CBS New York, “Any cop who thinks that that’s alright, that they can walk away from something like that, maybe should reconsider whether or not this is the profession for them.”

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