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Hammer-wielding racist who attacked group on beach told trooper: “I’ll kill you and your family”


A 24-year-old Massachusetts man is behind bars, charged with multiple crimes following a Father’s Day incident on the beach – where he allegedly stole a football from a child and attacked a group of teenagers.

Gianpaolo Cerretani reportedly chased after a group of Hispanic and African-American men, while swinging a hammer, after they took the football from him to give it back to that child.

Cerretani started spewing racial slurs at the group calling them ‘slaves’. The young men and teens apparently held the suspect down until the authorities arrived. One of them suffered minor injuries after he was hit with the hammer.

Cerretani continued with his verbal assault when police showed up – calling one officer a ‘pig’, saying “I’ll take you too.”

According to the Boston Herald, Cerretani said to another trooper who was transporting him to the hospital: “I’ll kill you and your family”.

Cerretani had apparently been drinking when this whole scuffle broke out Sunday on Revere Beach.

When he appeared in court Monday to be arraigned on 10 charges, a man described as his roommate, was also taken into custody after having an outburst in the courtroom.

That man – Scott Petros- told local media that reporters got the story all wrong. It was actually Cerretani’s football, but everyone made it out to look like it belonged to the child.

“He’s getting a raw deal, he got jumped over a football, he got jumped over a football,” Petros shouted in court.

That story has not been corroborated by law enforcement officials.


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