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Hair pull in the stationhouse leads to a war of words between two female officers

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A sergeant for the NYPD has to explain why she yanked the ponytail of an officer after that officer filed a complaint against her.

According to the NY Post, Sgt. Nakia Middleton-House told officer Christine Meisner to put her hair in a bun or else, “a perp might do this,” and pulled on her hair in November. Two months later, Meisner filed a complaint and a medical notice due to significant pain in her neck.

In the complaint, Meisner says her sergeant knew about a previous neck injury and requested medical attention after the hair pull.

The PBA says the complaint is “false” and that the sergeant was performing her job by demonstrating the risk Meisner was taking by not putting her hair up in a bun.

Both women have not commented on the complaint.

Supposedly, there is a video of the incident.

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