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Hackers associated with former deputy release addresses, other Florida law enforcement records


Hackers have targeted a property records database — uncovering thousands of confidential records belonging to police officers, lawyers and judges in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Mark Dougan, a former Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy, says hackers in Russia are responsible for publishing about 4,000 confidential records — including the home addresses of the Palm Beach County Sheriff, the state attorney, federal judges, and even FBI agents.

They allegedly hacked the property appraiser’s website and posted the information Monday night. Police officers, prosecutors, and judges are currently exempt from public property records requests.

Dougan left the force in 2008 and has since made it his mission to “expose corruption within the department.” He is now a working as a technology consultant and often travels to Russia. He says he became friendly with some hackers there and sold his website, PBSO talk.com, to them.

Before selling it, Dougan was using the site as a way to expose bad cops and all sorts of corruption cases within the dept., like the one where the sheriff’s office “spent more than $60,000 on barbecue grills.”

“I had nothing to do with this,” Dougan says about the recent hack. “It’s like when your friend robs a bank and you’re sitting at home. They can maybe try to say I encouraged it, but I’m not worried about that…they [PBSO] have already done their dirty deed — hacking into all my stuff…as for me caring, I really don’t,” he said.

The sheriff’s office has allegedly retaliated against Dougan and others for criticizing the department. Dougan accuses PBSO of “snooping on people” who are critical of the agency, and of “spying on his social media accounts.”

PBSO investigator, Kenneth “Mark” Lewis, reportedly admitted, on tape, to using software to investigate people inside their homes. In August, GossipExtra reported that Lewis was recorded by a woman who was flirting with him.

Meantime, the Property Appraiaser’s Office tells New Times that they are investigating the matter but also that their database does not contain the 4,000 posted records and they’re “not sure how the hackers obtained the addresses.”

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  1. You should check to see if your name is on this list. Wiki.pbsotalk.com. there is a short little narrative and in there they list the page for the confidential exempted Records. Just click on that. It’s actually not a totally comprehensive list of law enforcement officers. I am not in there because I never bothered to fill out the paperwork and have my name exempted. This is only for people who have exempted names.


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