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Hacker alerts man that his Nest security cam is vulnerable by telling him through it


An Arizona man’s home security system was hacked by a mysterious voice- who offered him some surprisingly good advice on how to better protect his home.

Phoenix resident Andy Gregg was in his backyard one night when he heard an unfamiliar voice coming from inside of his home.

Upon further investigation, he discovered the voice was coming from his Nest Cam IQ security camera, which was placed in his front window.

“Who is this?” Gregg demanded.

“You’ve never met me,” the voice said. “I’m a security researcher from Canada. I’m just a hacker. I’m with the anonymous Calgary Hivemind in Canada.”

The Albertan voice then told Gregg that while he was a “white hat” (good guy) hacker, his private information had been compromised.

While the hacker couldn’t see Gregg on the other side of the camera or see where he lived, such information isn’t hard to find.

“I’m really sorry if I startled you or anything. I realize this is super unprofessional, and I’m sorry that it’s a little late in the day to do this,” the hacker said. “We don’t have any malicious intent.”

Gregg captured some of the conversation on video, which was submitted to AZCentral.

The homeowner’s fatal flaw in security, according to the hacker, was using the same passwords for a variety of online activities.

The hacker then recommended a two-step verification process to prevent such hacks in the future.

Apologizing yet again for the intrusion, the polite Canadian hacker then bid Gregg farewell.

“You’ll never see or hear from me again,” he said.

The Nest hack was alarming for Gregg, who works as a realtor and often gives them away to homebuyers as gifts.

Wifi-based cameras are particularly susceptible to hacking, with several examples over the years of Nest cameras being hijacked for nefarious purposes.

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