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Guns taken from Mexican police officers, replaced with slingshots

Image credit: Alvarado Municipal Gov’t.

Mexican officials are reportedly arming their police with slingshots after all but 30 of the 130 members of the Alvarado Police were stripped of their firearms by higher echelons of government.

The symbolic action is a local government protest of moves by Veracruz state officials, who disarmed a large number of officers -mostly new hires- as July 1 elections approach.

“This can only be understood as something political and we have to be prepared to do work in a professional manner,” Mayor Bogar Ruiz Rosas said in a ceremony that involved handing officers slingshots and small bags of rocks.

In a country where politics and corruption go hand-in-hand, Veracruz state governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares pushed to have the police disarmed, citing the lack of accreditation.

According to The Guardian, police forces in Mexico often get the short end of the infrastructure and funding stick, as many politicians prefer to utilize the Army for their serious crime-fighting needs.

In recent times, Veracruz has been the backdrop for a series of grisly murders, mass executions, and disappearances, as well as the murders of several journalists and politicians.

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