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Gun-like cellphone case triggers massive law enforcement response in California



A California man prompted a police standoff on Friday after rescue workers spotted his handgun-shaped phone case.

Alhambra Fire Department workers responded to a possible medical emergency outside of a grocery store parking lot, finding someone unconscious in the front seat. Surveying the inside of the vehicle, fire crews spotted what looked like a handgun and notified the police.

Officers responded with a tactical team, initiating a standoff before the unconscious individual -who had been sleeping all along- awoke and surrendered peacefully at around 2:35 PM.

According to the Alhambra Police Department, around five agencies responded in some part or another, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, Monterey Park Police Department, South Pasadena Police Department, and San Marino’s Police Department.

Authorities in the notoriously gun-unfriendly state were alarmed by the phone case, and set out to social media to dissuade people from using something that could be confused for a firearm.

“This incident could have very easily ended tragically,” APD wrote on Facebook. “Please reconsider carrying items like this in public.”

The male suspect was not arrested and required no medical attention.


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