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Group of kids, aged 10 – 17, have carjacked 15 people in only a few weeks in Chicago


A gang of armed minors have been carjacking people in Chicago’s South Side, with well over a dozen victims since late June.

Chicago Police state that the offenders range from ten to seventeen years of age and have held several people at gunpoint, firing off a few shots in the process.

The usually peaceful South Side neighborhood has over sixteen victims who claim to have encountered the juvenile delinquents, and many are afraid to go about life as normal.

“I’m scared to use my garage,” Alyssa Blanchard, an elementary school teacher, told FOX 32.”I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood”

Ironically, teachers unions in Chicago have made internet infamy of late for demanding that the police be defunded.

Blanchard, who owned a BMW, was shocked to discover her vehicle was used to carjack another individual.

“I don’t want to have to tell my kid about how some young woman was killed or shot with kids using my vehicle. It was traumatizing,” the teacher said.

Blanchard was attacked in mid July, after several kids approached her with handguns. In addition to taking her car, they relieved her of $300 in cash.

Police eventually recovered Blanchard’s BMW, which was destroyed in a crash.

“I teach this age group and I can’t believe they would do this,” the teacher said.

The investigation continues.

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