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Group of ‘furries’ take down domestic violence suspect, hold him down until police arrive


A group of ‘furries’ took down a suspected domestic violence suspect and held him down in the middle of a street until police could arrive.

According to NBC Bay Area, the group had just left the FurCon Convention at the nearby convention center when they saw a man beating a woman in a car.

The group rushed out, opened the door, pulled the man to the ground, and then held him there until police arrived.

Kin Z. Shiratsuki said, “This guy was just walloping a lady, he had to have hit her 10 times.”

“Even though we’re wearing animal costumes, we’ve got some humanity as well,” said Khord Kitty. “It’s just a natural thing to want to help someone in need.”

Police did arrest and charge 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett with domestic violence.

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