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Group of dirt bikers and ATV riders run into police trap near Boston, 1 shot, 20 vehicles seized


Owen Boss
Boston Herald

A reckless crew of ATV and dirt bike riders who were being tracked as they roared through the area on their off-road vehicles were stopped in their tracks by troopers on the Southeast Expressway yesterday, where a handful of them were arrested, more than a dozen bikes were seized and one of them was shot in the foot, state police said.

State troopers set up a roadblock for the riders about 5:18 p.m. near Exit 18 on Interstate 93. Overlooking the highway from a nearby overpass, Herald photographer Nicolaus Czarnecki captured the melee as a team of troopers — some with guns drawn — tried to corral the pack of 25 to 35 off-road riders as they desperately attempted to get away. Some jumped off their bikes and ran, others hopped onto the back of other bikes, and some even tried to ride over the median and into oncoming traffic.

Several of the riders managed to evade police.

State police spokesman David Procopio confirmed that one of the riders — a 28-year-old Randolph man — was shot in the foot by a state trooper while he was being placed under arrest. That injured rider, whose name was not released last night, was taken to Boston Medical Center to be treated for the non-life-threatening injury, Procopio said. Another rider who complained of pain was also hospitalized.

One trooper was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital to be treated for a knee injury suffered during the apprehensions, he said.

Seven riders were placed under arrest and about 20 dirt bikes and ATVs were seized and towed from the scene. State police didn’t immediately identify those arrested but said they were each facing a charge of disorderly conduct and numerous motor vehicle offenses and will be arraigned Monday in Boston Municipal Court.

The officer-involved shooting is being investigated by the Suffolk District Attorney’s office.


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  1. The answer is harsher punishment. Democrats like to make the criminals out to be victims and the police the bad guys. Thanks in part to Odumbo.

  2. No excuse for anti-social behavior like this. If they’re spending their Monday involved in this kind of monkey business, I have to wonder how all these miscreants can afford these fancy atv’s and dirtbikes-the dealers don’t exactly give them away, do they? Anyway, kudos to the police for doing their best to maintain order during what is, even without this nonsense, a burdensome commute.


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