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Graphic video shows man being stabbed multiple times before attacker is shot by responding officer in Toronto


While evil is to be feared and reviled, there is a greater evil among us- the indifference of good people who -while entirely capable of doing so- fail to put themselves in harm’s way to put an end to a bad situation.

Thus was the case in Canada’s most populous city last week, when an elderly Toronto man was brutally stabbed by a 26-year-old male in the Ontario capital.

Video footage shows the suspect knifing the 60-year-old man, as bystanders begged the man to stop and motorists honked their horns.

While people and vehicles attempted to audibly dissuade the attacker, nobody stepped in to help the old man as blood began to run down the sidewalk.

Finally, a police officer arrived on the scene, ordering the suspect to drop the knife. As the video came to an end, a shot can be heard.

The police officer wounded the suspect, who was rushed to the hospital along with the victim. Following the shooting, the details of the use-of-force incident was handed over to the Special Investigations Unit, which handles UOF incidents by police.

According to the Daily Mail, both men were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and no police officers were wounded in the incident.

For the timid bystanders, it is a moment they will never forget.

“’It was brutal,” one bystander said. “You can’t wake up first thing in the morning and see somebody getting beaten. You see the blood, it’s spilling all over.”

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  1. Not sure who wrote this article, but obviously not someone that knows anything about Canada and OUR laws. While there are some of us that while not police officers, do train in various martial arts and have the capability and the will to stop situations like this, it is illegal for us to do so. The minute that a civilian steps in to stop this situation, they WILL get arrested and charged for whatever the cops and the crown will make up to do so. It has happened on a consistent and regular basis in this country. People that defend themselves and others have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars defending themselves against charges brought about by defending themselves and their homes.
    We in Canada are told on a regular basis not to defend ourselves, to run away, and to just call police and let them handle it. We are not allowed to carry firearms in public, and if someone did use a firearm to stop the attacker, they would get charged. The reason being, is that if everyone knew how easy it is to defend yourself, your property, and the common good, cops in Canada wouldn’t make 100K a year or more as their salaries. Know what you are talking about before you show your ignorance.

    • It is SO not illegal. Where did you get your info? In Canada anyone can make a citizens arrest and use “whatever force is necessary” – a quick search will learn ya !

  2. You cannot blame the bystanders. We all know, in Canada, that if we use any amount of force, to defend ourselves or SOMEBODY else whether a family member or a defenceless old man AND the assailant gets hurt in any way (maybe even a paper cut) WE will be charged. (And if we happen to be gun owners -even though all our guns are safely secured miles away at home, in safes, trigger-locked and action-locked, we will lose all our firearms UNTIL we get cleared by a judge aftergetting bankrupted. What do you expect?

  3. I find it kind of funny that a law enforcement site is saying good people failed to do anything …. so what should the general public be doing? Taking the law into their own hands? I agree, forget the police! Obviously as it’s stated in the first paragraph of this write up. This site is a joke! Lol

  4. Graham, I see you graduated from a University with a BS in Special Kinda Stupid.

    It’s obvious that you hate cops, so please read a couple of my suggestions 2 – 3 times until you start to grasp things.

    1. Review Graham v. Connor;
    2. Call 911 and report what is happening.
    3. If you must video tape, get clear pics of perp’s face and clothing worn. (That may scare him away)
    4. Yell loudly to alert others and have them call 911.
    5. Draw your firearm and shoot the perp.

  5. In Canada you can’t CCW. nobody in their right mind would step into that situation without a means to protect oneself. another video was just posted recently showing 4or 5 cops being chased around by a knife wielding maniac. one of them died and they had rifles to defend themselves.

  6. Maybe Canadians wouldn’t be so indifferent if they weren’t offered the same self-defence privileges as the police. The right to concealed-carry or at least carry pepper spray or a taser.

    Our government doesn’t give us be cause it’s the government that is indifferent, not the people.



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